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Founded by American songwriter / screenwriter Michael-Ray Harvey, BROKEN WING strives to win your favor with our brand of music & creative works. BROKEN WING musical performances showcase the powerful vocals of accomplished Canadian music producer and co-founding member Scott Young. 

Three albums; Dreamcatcher, Diabolical and Dragonfly have been recorded and are currently in final production stages. United with three specifically written screenplays also nearing completion, they evolve into a trilogy of rock ‘n roll odysseys titled as: 

American Folklore I: Dreamcatcher

American Folklore II: Diabolical

American Folklore III: Dragonfly

Ten of twelve songs are released from the first album Dreamcatcher.

Welcome to Babylon (unreleased) 

Seventh Son

Independence Day

Internal Combustion

The Blackberry Blues


Badlands Angel

Destiny’s Junction

Proceed with Caution (unreleased) 

Darkest Before the Dawn


Calm, Cool and Collected

Rock the World  was released as a promotional single for the second album Diabolical.


BROKEN WING repertoire is licensed in Canada through SOCAN, CMRRA & CONNECT Music Licensing. In the USA & beyond it is licensed through ASCAP, Sound Exchange & PPL.

BROKEN WING is a registered trademark in the USA and Canada.

BROKEN WING repertoire is registered with the US Copyright Office and available in the Library of Congress.